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Getting Rid of Your Colds the Right Way

Most people would love to get rid of colds fast. The problem is most colds are some form of a virus. Antibiotics cannot be used on viruses as they are ineffective. To Get rid of colds the right way you need to use something that has lots of antioxidants. Vitamin C has antioxidants but is not nearly as powerful as some people may think. Green tea extract is 200 times more powerful than Vitamin C. Green tea extract can be used to get rid of colds at a lighting fast rate compared to using the Vitamin C method. Do not confuse Green tea extract with green tea. Green tea extract is much more powerful! So to get rid of colds at a much faster rate use the extract form of green tea not just drinking green tea!

What Else Can be used to Get Rid of Colds?

If you want to use something even more powerful than Green tea extract to get rid of cold's, then try Olive Leaf Extract. Olive leaf extract has double the Antioxidant power as green tea extract. Olive leaf extract also has 400 times more antioxidant power than Vitamin C. So as you can see getting rid of colds can be much easier than you think. Also, both of these extracts can work on Viruses. Remember a virus hides inside of cells away from antibiotics and the body's immune system in most cases. It is very important to take either of these extracts at the first site of a cold. They will both perform much better at the beginning stages. They will still work if you are in the middle of a cold's cycle but will take a little longer to be effective.

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Where Can I buy the Extracts from?

Green Tea Extract can be purchased on a local health food store or online. If you go into a local health food store it is important to look at the potency of the batch you will be buying. For Olive leaf extract the main ingredient that should be listed is Oleuropein. It should be 15% or higher preferably 20% for best results. If this ingredient is not listed anywhere on the bottle. Don't buy it. Try to seek out other ways to buy it. One place you can purchase this from is at new age medical research website site. You will have a 60 day money back guarantee and get the finest quality! For more information you can visit the following link: Get rid of cold  All of this will depend on how fast you purchase your Extracts! The best of the two choices is Olive leaf extract since it has even more antioxidants and will work much faster with a higher potency. Another trick to keep in mind is if you take the Olive Leaf Extract with other antioxidants it will be even more potent. So take the extract with a few vegetables and feel it will start wiping out your cold! It is always best to drink 4 - 6 glasses of water throughout the day to flush out the bad bugs that will be dying off in your body. Your immune system will then take care of the rest!

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