Oregano Oil

What is Oregano Oil?

Oregano Oil is a powerful natural oil from the Mediterranean. Origanum vulgare is the scientific name for oregano (oregano oil). The name for oregano oil came from Carl Linnaeu. He was a Swedish botanist, zoologist and physician. He helped to lay the ground work for the most recent scheme binomial nomenclature. Oregano Oil is high in antioxidant activeness, since it has a high content of phenolic acids and flavonoids. Oregano oil has also shown some antimicrobial activity against strains of food-borne pathogens, although more scientific evidence is needed. What I can tell you from a personal stand point, is this does seem to work if you take it immediately upon feeling any symptoms of a food born illness.

Why Have I never heard Oregano Oil's Actual Uses?

Since the 2005 US Federal Trade Commission's legal action against a particular firm which made claims oregano oil could treat a cold and flu. They also stated oregano oil taken orally, treated and relieved bacterial and viral infections and their symptoms along with it. The FTC said the statements made about oregano oil were false or were NOT backed up by scientific evidence at the time these representations were made. They said they were consequently a dishonest practice and were false advertisements. So what this all means is that oregano oil can boost the immune system and is an immune booster. This does NOT mean it can directly kill a virus or bacteria. There needs to be more scientific evidence that will prove a claim that oregano oil can actually do what was mentioned. Too bad no one will probably ever get any evidence. The evidence is in people using it to solve there problems! At this point NO one really knows what it can do or can't do, except people that have used it and had success! If you have an infection and your immune system has been affected, oregano oil could help to boost your immune system to fight off that infection. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will allow a dietary supplement to make claims that something is an immune booster but cannot cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. This is why most people may have only heard of oregano oil or oil of oregano and what it can actually do.

Does This Really Work?

Just like anything you buy online or at the grocery store. The quality of oregano oil is everything! If you happen to purchase oregano oil that is low quality, it may do nothing or actually harm you. It is very important that you buy oregano oil that is high in quality to be the most effective. Sometimes spending a few extra dollars can make all the difference in the world! Think about it for a minute? Do you really want to suffer health problems or make a simple problem worse? I would certainly hope not! So make the wise decision and purchase your PURE oregano oil from a source that will give you a money back guarantee! Anyone that can offer that or has many types of literature to show they have YOU in mind is never a bad idea. It takes a lot of time to write and produce quality and quantity of a website or blog. This is just another way to know if have hit the right avenue to make your purchase!

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    I saw your other article about the benefits of Oregano. Some really great tips. I am also glad to know what it really is and where it is from. Nicely done!
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