Antibiotic Resistance Causes

What Causes Antibiotic Resistance?

Antibiotic resistance causes can range from overuse of antibiotics, to over medicating our livestock with too many antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance causes, such overuse of antibiotics in our food supply is a big concern! As our bodies start to consume more of these particular antibiotics while digesting foods, such red meats, eggs and other dairy related products will further spread these antibiotic resistance causes within our food supply. Eating meats, dairy and other foods that are not administered with antibiotics is a huge step in preventing antibiotic resistance causes. Despite the higher food prices for foods that do not contain any type of antibiotics, such as Organic, these additional costs are well worth it in the long run! Most consumers at the grocery store have no idea how important buying organic grass fed meats can be for their health, hence limiting antibiotic resistance causes!

So Why Buy Organic Instead of Just Meats Without Administered Hormones or Antibiotics?

The reason organic is much more pricier than traditional foods that use antibiotics, or even ones that do not actually administer the antibiotics to their food supply is due to actual quality. The quality of organic foods are much better and can help to greatly reduce these antibiotic resistance causes we are all now experiencing within our food supply. This is mainly since the meats do not contain antibiotics. Organic foods have to follow stricter guidelines from the USDA. This means foods will be much more wholesome and humanely raised, limiting antibiotic resistance causes that are spreading globally. The costs can be justified but the overall costs and well being make it even more beneficial! Antibiotic resistance causes like mutated E-coli, are a cause of overuse of antibiotics in livestock. This means that the germs are able to be much more powerful and outsmart the drugs, making antibiotic resistance causes even more difficult to treat. These antibiotics are not working properly as the body has been ingesting them through foods, making antibiotic resistance causes such as these much more dangerous!! Most people have no idea that antibiotic resistance causes like this can be prevented. If organic foods are eaten, antibiotic resistance should not be a problem, unless you overuse antibiotics in general!

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Why You Should Not Buy Foods that Say No Antibiotics administered

The term No antibiotics administered is a broad allegation that mentions that NO antibiotics were used in the production of a food product. This can help to reduce any antibiotic resistance causes like E-Coli. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has determined it to mean that animals passed down for meat and poultry products were raised solely without the use of low-level or remedial doses of antibiotics. Statements on these products designate that the manufacturer has gone beyond USDA guidelines for everyday meat production. This means that no antibiotics have been administered during the course of the animals lifetime, which may not be part of any antibiotic resistance causes. So why is this not a good thing? The reason is there is no other institution behind this allegation, other than the company manufacturing or marketing the product. These products usually still come with higher costs than ones that are administered antibiotics over the course of the animals lifetime. The risk for any Antibiotic resistance causes for this is a question you should ask yourself? How can I know if there really wasn't any antibiotics administered? The answer is you won't know! These statement's are not part of the Organic Foods Production Act. Before a product can be labeled ‘organic,’ a Government-approved person truly checks out the farm where the food is grown. This empowers them to make sure the farmer is following all the rules binding to meet USDA organic standards. Organic food is generated without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with artificial ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation. So the real truth of our food supply could be far worse for our general health, than antibiotic resistance causes, like E-Coli!

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