Antibiotic Resistance Type Bacteria Found in Antarctic

It had been recently thought that the antarctic was the one place left on earth, that didn't have any antibiotic resistance type of bacteria. It is shocking to find out this type of antibiotic resistance is even present in this area. Even the pristine arctics has already been infected with some sort of antibiotic resistance. Now, the Swedish scientists have found the potentially deadly kind of antibiotic resistance bacteria near the South Pole too. Bjorn Olsen, a scientist, stated "I have been here for quite a long time, this kind of bacteria usually would not be found in this part of the world." "Now, we have found it in this part of the world, in the waters of Antarctica."

What is This Type of Bacteria Doing?

Bacteria that produce the enzyme EBSL, an enzyme that has developed an antibiotic resistance to antibiotics like penicillin, has been found. Researchers believe they found their way to this remote region by human beings. Independent global network "React" is calling for more action on antibiotic resistance. This now becoming very serious. Resistant strains are now in almost every part of the world. Who knew that this would become such a large epidemic spreading to the antarctic?

What is a Researcher Saying about This Bacteria

Andreas Heddini, a researcher claimed that this kind of bacteria, the antibiotic resistance type of intestinal bacteria, can very easily spread. The antibiotic resistance type genes, which the bacteria are carrying can be spread to other kind of bacteria in the ecosystem. More than 80 years have past since the discovery of penicillin. Today antibiotics are becoming more and more ineffective as antibiotic resistance to them spreads.

How Can We Fix This Problem?

The research for a replacement of penicillin is far from simple. Scientists have turned to the cockroach for help. In this creatures tiny brains there are molecules that could successfully fight the killer type of antibiotic resistance bacteria. Andreas Heddini states, "These theory's are very interesting and perhaps could be a solution in the future of antibiotic resistance problems, but today the situation is not that optimistic."

Scientists stress that this is a global problem that requires a global solution to stop antibiotic resistance! This is one that remains a huge challenge. The only way to combat this problem is to use nature as the main source of destroying the growing epidemic problem. Most people have no clue that is can be an effective way to get rid of disease. Diseases are everywhere and not going anywhere but to infect us humans! People need to stop abusing antibiotics for the wrong reasons to try to stop the spread of these mutated germs from spreading further. Antibiotic resistance is not going away anytime soon. The only way to contain resistant strains is to not feed the source with drugs the germs can outsmart. No one or No place is immune. So why not stop worry about trying to get more antibiotics but to try to refrain from using antibiotics that are the root of the problem!

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  • 2/6/2013 9:13 PM Rosanna wrote:
    Poor penguins this is kinda sad! Well either way great posting! This one makes total sense but its not good that Antibiotic resistance keeps spreading like has been all over the world. If more people used nature this would not happen.
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