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My Story on Olive Leaf Extract

When you buy olive leaf extract it can be a very important part to your overall health. When people look to buy olive leaf extract they usually have no idea what to look for? When you actually do buy olive leaf extract this can be an amazing product if it is manufactured properly! People should never buy olive leaf extract that does disclose the amount of "oleuropein" in it! This is one of the main potent ingredients that make olive leaf so powerful against unwanted invaders of the body. I personally have used olive leaf extract for over 1 year. I have done many studies on the dosage, how it works and what it can actually do, along with the side effects. At higher doses, usually over 1500mg and 40% oleuropein taken in 1 day, is where these effects will stand out. You will start to feel it more in your upper thigh. You will get a tingly feeling that something is in their moving down your leg. All this really means is you should take some time off from using it. When you buy olive leaf extract you really need to make sure you take the proper dosage.

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What is the Proper Dosage of Olive Leaf Extract

The proper dosage of olive leaf extract is around 750mg to 1000mg per day. The amount of oleuropein shouldn't exceed 30% if at all possible. These are broad ranges but can work very effectively if you are NOT over doing it for your body type. If you start to feel anything in your legs, it's time to take a few days off. Also, it is important if you are taking higher doses up into the 1,000 mg range, you should make sure you take several days off each week. When you buy olive leaf extract you need to take the dosage into consideration. This is a very critical part of the effectiveness of how this product will work. More is not necessarily better! 

How to Buy Olive Leaf Extract Properly

When you buy olive leaf extract you must make sure the amount of oleuropein is listed on the bottle. If the amount of oleuropein is below 15% you should NOT buy this product. Also, if the price is very low this can indicate a poor product. These are usually sold at most health food stores and are to be considered watered down. Buy olive leaf extract that is all natural with NO chemical process's at all! This is very important to make sure when you buy olive leaf extract from just anywhere. I personally have made sure that every single batch made is NEVER done with any type of chemical process when I take mine. Spending a few bucks more when you buy olive leaf extract is one of the most crucial steps. This does NOT mean just because it is expensive that it will be made naturally. This is something that will indicated on literature that comes with the product, website or anything that will disclose this information to any consumer wanting to buy olive leaf extract. If you would like to buy pure olive leaf extract go to: buy olive leaf extract.

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  • 2/8/2013 4:36 PM James wrote:
    I really enjoyed the tips on here to actually use the proper dosage. It clearly describes what to do and that's very important. Thanks!
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    Great way to show how to buy this product from anywhere. Nice useful tips!
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    This is a good posting if you want to buy this product. There are a lot of companies that like to cut corners and this help to want to keep your eye sharp
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    This quite well done and really gives some fantastic advice!
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  • 4/8/2013 8:23 PM Ganaviv wrote:
    I agree with you when you talk about how the product need to made right and the amount of the main ingredient should never be under 15%. The amount that is effective is 20%! It makes a huge difference but most companies put hardly enough in their products. Awesome tips!
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