Severe Allergies

What Are Severe Allergies?

Defining what severe allergies really mean to an individual person can be a tough call for allergists. If someone is missing work and taking sick days this can be considered severe allergies. If the symptoms are so severe that someone can't go outside on a day with a high pollen count, than this would be one way to consider severe allergies. If this sounds like you or someone you know than you really should know your allergies. The top environmental allergens are as follows: pollen, molds, dust mites, and animal dander. It can be normal and quite common to be allergic to some of these allergens but NOT all of them! Symptoms of severe allergies may include: eye irritation and stinging, nasal issues such runny or stuffy nose and skin diseases or asthma.

What Can I do Naturally to Help With my Allergies?

When it comes to having allergies, especially severe allergies this can pose NOT only a discomfort to someone but also show a possible weakened immune system! That's right! Most severe allergies mentioned above can trigger symptoms by having a weakened immune system. If you were to eat more leafy green vegetables, whole grain cereals (low sugar ones are the best under 10grams per serving) plus drinking milk! Yes, organic milk has many vitamins that are not listed on the back of the nutrition label. If you never drank milk that much before you might experience some allergy symptoms temporarily. Over time, your body should adapt to it, unless you are completely allergic to dairy, then you shouldn't drink milk at all. Remember we are NOT talking about food allergies, as these are entirely different allergies, which can be life threatening. We talking specifically about allergies from pet dander, dust mites etc. Most doctors or allergists prescribe antihistamines and decongestants for severe allergies. These will only relieve or stop symptoms and NOT resolve the underlying problem causing the symptoms of severe allergies. Steroids prescribed for asthma will also do the same. I have personally used pure oregano oil during an asthma attack. Just like an inhaler you breathe in with your mouth to open the airways, so the oregano oil bottle just needs to be opened up. Then hold the bottle a few inches from your mouth and inhale the powerful nutrients to open the airways and start breathing again! This may need to be done several times but should be effective. The same goes for diluting this oil and taking 1 to 2 drops internally (by mouth) to help relieve severe allergies and boost the immune system at the same time!

Does Nature Really Help Someone With Sever Allergies?

Nature can be a very good start to helping someone NOT only relieve their allergy symptoms but to help build up a weakened immune system that could be triggering the severe allergies to spike up! Unless you want to take antihistamines decongestants and/or steroids the rest of your life, you will need to try to make some changes. You could just continue the same path you are on or start to make some small changes to see what effect they will have on your severe allergies. This will take time but the changes you are making should start working soon! You just might want to continue doing them, to be on your way to feeling normal! Most allergist want people to get rid of their pets if someone is allergic to pet dander. I say work on building up your immune system and see if over time, possibly 6 months to a full year, things start to improve! Don't let severe allergies ruin your life, try to take control!

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