Olive Leaf Extract Cures

Olive Leaf Extract Cures Many Things

Olive leaf extract cures essentially over 100 different diseases! These may NOT be an instant cure like a vaccine but over time will give benefits to the body by boosting the immune system! Olive leaf extract cures are NOT limited on just minor health issues like an infection. Olive leaf extract cures are widespread in the body. This means that pathogens, which have been inactive for many years could essentially be wiped out. Olive leaf extract cures should NOT be under estimated. There are many powers that most people never knew about or will know about. The reason that most people will never know about these is due to the lack of testing. You might find that olive leaf extract cures something you never thought might be possible!

Olive Leaf Extract has its Limits for Certain Conditions

Olive leaf extract cures do NOT happen like some miracle supplement. When pursing olive leaf extract cures, one could make certain conditions feel worse or just plain act up. These can be: acid reflux, hyperthyroidism or if you have an aneurism. Acid reflux could be induced if olive leaf extract is taken. Certain precautions should be taken while digesting olive leaf extract. If you eat rice that is dry or even toast, this could potentially activate your acid reflux. Try to refrain from eating any type of dry food. If you have hypothyroidism, which is an under active thyroid, this could pose a problem if you have a goiter. A goiter is one of the causes of NOT having enough iodine in body. Iodine is what helps the thyroid hormone in the body produce what is needed for proper thyroid function. There could be potentially more swelling of the goiter making it more painful to breath or swallow. In lab rats olive leaf extract has been known to make the aorta larger. Extreme caution should be used if olive leaf is taken when an aneurism is present.

Olive Leaf Extract Cures Will Take Time

Please remember that olive leaf extract cures will NOT happen over night. Olive leaf extract cures WILL happen in due time for any type of condition. The reason it takes time is due to the body's immune system needing time to get back on track or the pathogen itself is a virus and is still NOT destroyed! Never take more than 1500mg of Olive leaf in 1 day. This is a very high dose and should NOT be taken for more than a few days. You might start feeling something is moving in your thighs due to this high of a dose. It's best to be at 1000mg or less per day. Also, one day off and a few days off per month must be exercised when using olive leaf. So refrain from taking this every day! Olive leaf extract cures are NOT about high doses and needing to take it daily, but about keeping the body fighting off unwanted pathogens in the body itself. This means your immune system will be working at the same time. It should never be abused! Learn more here at: olive leaf extract cures

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