Pure Oregano Oil

Why Choose Pure Oregano Oil?

Pure Oregano oil has many benefits that can DO many things to help someone and their body! In our previous posting, we spoke about what oregano oil really was and what some companies may have claimed it could do but got sanctioned by the FDA! Pure Oregano oil is an effective immune booster and is something that you may have heard of or never heard of before. If pure oregano oil is used correctly and is in it's purest form, it has many benefits and uses! Pure Oregano oil's internal uses from my personal experience, can range from helping with gum disease like: gingivitis, periodontal disease, or certain viruses, bacterial infections, parasites and can help to reduce inflammation, especially in the mouth! These are just some of things I have personally found that pure oregano oil can help with! When I say pure, I mean it's undiluted and you must dilute it yourself according to what you are trying to help correct. If you are going to use pure oregano oil in your mouth, 3 drops in 1-2 oz of water will work very well to just swish around vigorously! This will make One powerful effective mouth wash! I know this from my own experience! Pure Oregano oil is truly one of the best immune boosters on the planet!

I Heard Oregano Oil was a Scam? Tell me Why I Should Believe You?

First off, I would like to tell that pure oregano oil is NO where near a scam! Yes, there are people selling bogus oregano oil out there or highly watered down and diluted batches. This does NOT mean this is a scam in anyway! Also, there are people who have bought pure oregano oil in it's purest form and never diluted it at all or enough to NOT burn themselves. Yes, pure oregano oil is very powerful and will burn your skin! If it touches your lips, it will burn them slightly! The stronger the solution, meaning the more drops you add in a a glass of water, the more powerful it will be! A little can go along way! So knowing how to use pure oregano oil is VERY IMPORTANT! If you have heard of someone taking pure oregano oil and putting a drop under their tongue, they are a complete fool! You should never do this, unless it is properly diluted with another carrier oil. Olive oil or virgin coconut oil can be used. I like to be very blunt when it comes down to safety! Be smart when using something that has massive power, like pure oregano oil certainly does! It can be an amazing tool to help you!

I do Understand A lot More About Oregano Oil but will it Work for Me?

Pure Oregano oil can work for anyone, unless you are allergic to it! You must take a very small dose to see if any reactions might be present! If you are sensitive to any type of spice, then this may NOT be the immune booster for you! The good news is most people shouldn't be allergic to this oil. If you are afraid of it burning just dilute the solution (a drop of oregano oil in an 8oz glass of water or juice) This should be a minimal to nothing at all. Trying to stir it with a spoon for around 10 seconds to to let everything be mixed together well! Use pure oregano oil  wisely and your body will thank you!


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  • 3/4/2013 2:14 AM James W wrote:
    One of the best follow up postings I have seen yet! Your work just keeps getting better and better, as I keep learning ore and more in the process!
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  • 3/4/2013 9:59 PM Sarah Bradford wrote:
    I Love how you ask and answer the main questions people just might be thinking of asking. You really nailed all aspects of this post!
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