Periodontal Abscess Treatment

Periodontal Abscess Treatment Can be Done at Home

Periodontal abscess treatment is easier than you may think!

Periodontal abscess treatment really only requires 2 ingredients to work. These ingredients are virgin coconut oil and pure oregano oil. When these two are combined together, they are a powerful bacteria killing weapon for gum disease! Periodontal abscess treatment, as you can see can be quite simple.

This should be done 2 to 3 times per day, to start getting this infection on the road destruction! The puss that is making the gum bulge out needs to be drained. In order to wipe out any of toxins from draining the puss, 3 drops in about 1 ounce of water needs to swished around for 1 minute and then spit out the excess.

This will make sure your mouth will be crisp and clean and the process for Periodontal abscess treatment will be started!  Also, use a clean finger and put one drop of pure oregano oil on the actual abscess, after you drain it.

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Periodontal abscess treatment Necessary Steps that Need to be Followed

The actions that need to be followed for Periodontal abscess treatment are: to make sure you first use the right products! DO NOT buy the virgin coconut oil from just any store since you must make sure it is NOT machined pressed. The best coconut oil is "Gold Label" The market for coconut oil is NOT regulated, so just about everything will "say virgin coconut oil." Just remember if the product is "not" too inexpensive, it probably is NOT machine pressed and will be useless for Periodontal abscess treatment! This defeats the purposes of using this oil for your Periodontal abscess treatment. If it won't be potent why even buy it? Most people are NOT fully aware of how to buy this product. This product takes a lot of labor make it naturally, so the prices will be reflected and should be from the Philippines.

Why I Truly Believe these Methods With the Following Tips Work


I personally am really into natural methods, in which I love to see how I can correct my problems and improve the techniques I use each and every time! Whether, it is for my Periodontal abscess treatment or just a common cold, I want to make the process fast and efficient! Nature has a way of making sure that it can get rid of something your body doesn't want. Finding the methods that truly work is the hard part! There is usually NOT a lot of information out there that will tell you step by step what to do!

The Following steps must be made to ensure that you can fight this disease quickly!

The first step: use a clean reliable spoon that is NOT plastic!

The second step:
Scoop a small amount of coconut oil onto the spoon. (a quarter of the spoon will be enough)

The third step:
Usually, just 2 drops of pure oregano oil will do the job. Use a clean finger and swirl the two ingredients together. Use the same finger to wipe this new powerful solution you have just made onto the infected area.

Repeat several times: This process can be done anywhere in the mouth where there is an infection. A small amount of blood may come out. Just keep spitting any excess out and then put 3 drops of oregano oil into a cup with 2 oz of water, then rinse any excess out. You will see in as little as 1 day, how well this will work for your
Periodontal abscess treatment. If the disease has spread throughout the entire mouth, it may take several weeks to get rid of this disease!



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  • 3/25/2013 11:54 PM Jonathan wrote:
    I never knew that this disease even existed let alone that it could be fixed at home. I have had many issues with my mouth like canker sores, bleeding gums etc. but nothing like this. Great know that this method works and could maybe work for just bleeding gums. not sure but its looks like it would
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  • 3/26/2013 12:20 AM Sarah Martin wrote:
    This is a very good explanation for this one showing step by step for these tips. Pretty genius!
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